The following functions are currently available on

  • Documenting seizures

    Document all your seizures in epilepc! This way you can easily get an overview of how you have been feeling during the last month or even discover any particularities!

  • Note events

    Write down and save all events that you have noticed. This way you can discover anomalies, recognize and define triggers. Through the regular maintenance of events in epilepc, you can discover connections or exclude factors.

  • Maintaining medication

    Enter all your medication into epilepc. In this way you can keep track of all details, when which adjustments have been made and when which medication has to be taken.

  • Keep a diary

    With the diary function you can record all your thoughts here and read them again at a later date.
    Often it is the inconspicuous little things that help us to organize and to remember again

  • Generate overview

    Easily generate a PDF file with all the information you want to give your doctor and bring it with you to your next consultation!
    Intuitive charts allow your doctor to quickly see what effect the last adjustment of medication had.

We work intensively on improving and expanding epilepc with new functions.
Do you have an idea or a suggestion for improvement? Then get in touch with us!

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