Why epilepc?

Of the many diseases and afflictions that can afflict a person, epilepsy can probably be considered one of the more insidious.
Often intangible and extremely difficult to treat, it can cause sufferers to isolate themselves more and more over time, which can lead to a worsening of the symptoms..

People suffering from epilepsy often feel helplessly at the mercy of the disease, as the therapy consists mainly of long-term seizure prophylaxis. In order to prevent possible epileptic seizures from occurring in the first place, those affected often begin to avoid possible triggers. Unfortunately, there are also exceptions in which seizures cannot be assigned to certain triggers. In addition to a drug therapy to suppress seizures, it is often recommended that patients keep a diary so that they can see how the current treatment and medication are working. With a diary, connections between situations and the current condition can also be better understood. Even if the memory of the affected person is fully functional, diaries can help to rediscover long forgotten details or even reconstruct whole days and thus identify possible triggers. In order for this to succeed, however, all seizures must be recorded in the diary, preferably with precise information such as date, time, place and situation.

Unfortunately, one cannot plan the time of an epileptic seizure and exactly when one would need the diary, it is not within reach or cannot be found.

A further difficulty is that the consultations and checks at the doctor's office only take place every few months and by then many incidents or important details have been forgotten.
Without this detailed information it is very difficult for the doctors to adjust the patient satisfyingly to a new medication. In order to find out more details about epileptic seizures, it is often necessary to have permanent stays in epileptic polyclinics, where patients are permanently monitored and artificially put on sleep deprivation so that seizures can be provoked and the necessary data collected.

The goal of epilepc.ch is to provide affected individuals with the tools they need for effective therapy reliably and safely.