Why epilepc?

epilepc offers a documentation platform for people with epilepsy and their relatives based on simple and intuitive processes, because the treating physicians often lack personal data for an effective treatment..
This information can only be collected by us, the affected individuals.
This is exactly where epilepc supports you!



  • Documenting seizures

    Document all your seizures in epilepc! This way you can easily get an overview of how you have been feeling during the last month or even discover any particularities!

  • Keep diary

    With the diary function you can record all your thoughts here and read them again at a later time..

  • Generate Overview

    Conveniently generate a PDF file with all the information you want to share with your doctor and bring it with you to your next consultation!
    With intuitive charts, your doctor can quickly see the impact of your last medication adjustment.


If there is one thing we know for sure, it is this.:
All data entered by the epilepc user is transmitted exclusively in encrypted form and additionally stored in encrypted form in our database.only when the data is read out by the author, it is decrypted and displayed in plain text. All infrastructure and data are stored and operated in Switzerland..

Here we go

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